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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has become very competitive in the last 10 years with the emergence of new technologies in the clean energy arena. The concern for “Climate Change” has led countries to implement a plethora of clean energy policies and also fillip and support the growth and usage of electric vehicles. We may witness a near future where the demand for vehicles with internal combustion engines would be reduced because of the incentives by government and technological advancement. Still, our dependence on Oil & Gas is not going to wane away because of its requirement in a large number of industrial as well as consumer products.

To stay competitive, oil and gas industry needs to innovate upon the cost of production. The cost of production doesn’t depend only on new technologies but a better strategy before investing in an asset. Blackcoffer’s capability to provide data on oil & gas assets and its expertise in delivering data-driven reports can be an important step in the implementing the strategy effectively.


Smart Wells

Digital Oilfields

Efficient Anomaly Detection

Production Optimization


“The limitless energy of the sun can be harnessed in a photovoltaic cell” was first reported in 1954 by the New York Times. The technology was a great breakthrough not only in the area of capturing energy to run our planet but also a solution to a present problem of great concern – “Climate Change”.

The solar industry like most sectors is rapidly embracing ways to analyze and crunch data in order to lower the cost of solar energy and to open up new markets for their technology. Blackcoffer has been instrumental to provide its expertise of data-driven solutions across industries and constant innovation has been the key to our success in the solutions for the energy industry. Solar data has historically “been fairly disorganized,” and the industry has little information about who builds quality solar projects and other parameters aiding the decision-making process of firms. Blackcoffer is bridging this gap through its commitment towards data-driven clean energy solutions.


Energy Efficiency

Model Standardization

Disruptive Insights

Efficient Power Storage


Nuclear power offers an abundant source of carbon-free energy. Most governments and energy corporations aim to curb climate-changing emissions. The part that gets tricky is trying to decide how exactly to achieve that and nuclear power is one of the solutions. The radioactive waste is, however, a bigger concern for the nuclear power industry. The U.S. operates more nuclear plants than any other country. And although nuclear generates about 25 percent of our country’s energy, that proportion is smaller than in countries such as France where nuclear accounts for 75 percent of the power.

The accident-prone nature and widespread loss to life and property if an accident occurs at the nuclear power plant is an issue that cannot be compromised and therefore requires attention as well as the implementation of sophisticated safety practices. Blackcoffer is working on artificial neural networks that are able to predict the behavior of the system with good accuracy in each scenario. Its ability to provide technical data and statistical results can help decision makers to take actions more rapidly, identify safety issues, or provide an intelligent system with the potential of using pattern recognition for reactor accident identification and classification.


Hazard Detection

Process Efficiency

Reduced Operational Cost

Effortless Expansion


Clean renewable energy from sources such as the wind has been moving to the forefront of social awareness and public policy. As wind energy becomes more economically competitive, wind farm operators must understand and manage the performance analysis of their farms in order to achieve desired production and revenue goals. But farm operators face a deluge of data from multiple sensors connected to wind turbines' complex systems. Big data and analytics are resulting in disruptive innovation across many industry sectors. Given the uncertainty and complexity associated with wind energy systems, there is huge potential for these techniques to significantly improve the performance and reduce the costs of wind energy systems.

Predictive modeling in this field can help in getting very informative insights into the process strategic investment by firms at different locations across geographies. The need of the hour is to collect important data points that can help the company in the decision making process. Blackcoffer’s expertise in providing Big Data analytics services can help firms with their decisions. Also, our industry reports are built on the foundation of decreasing the complexity of data and making it presentable to the CXO’s with the best practices of data visualization aiding in the decision-making process.


Superior Predictions

Digital Wind Farms

Process Efficiency

Efficient Power Storage

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