Blackcoffer provides experienced, professional statistical advice, technological soultions, consulting, information management and analysis for the enterprise and academic world. The goal of the practice is to assist people to better understand and visualize the world around them, based on an objective empirical analysis.

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Banking and Finance

The Blackcoffer Financial Analytics offering provides a platform for the proactive detection of unauthorized trading activity.

With Blackcoffer, your organization can monitor risk exposure in real time, flag instances of abnormally risky behavior, and investigate and resolve cases before the risks escalate. Analytics includes Business Intelligence, Risk Modeling, VaR Analysis etc.


Big Data and Visualizations

Integrated Marketing Effectiveness

Customer Loyalty and Analytics

Pricing Analytics

Business Intelligence

Global Analytics Partnership

Predictive Analytics

Customer Analytics

Securities and Capital Markets

Blackcoffer Capital Markets empowers analysts across the enterprise to interact with their data in a unified, intuitive, and highly-customizable environment so they can conduct more in-depth analysis and discover more valuable insights.


Data Management

Wealth Management

Data modeling and solutions for customer data, market and reference data, and securities master

Predictive tool that provides a 360 degree data assessment of an organization's data assets

Solutions framework for electronic trading in Futures, Options and Swaps


Blackcoffer Insurance Analytics arms public and private health insurers with the capabilities they require to extract insight from their enterprise data, identify fraudulent claims, and demonstrate the value of evidence-based care.


Policies, premiums, and claims Analytics

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analytics

Data harvesting

Predictive Analytics

Insurance Premium Predictions and Analytics

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